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New Single "Strange Light" out now


Thantophobe is the music project from Philadelphia producer, songwriter & engineer Thomas Johnsen.   In 2021 he began putting together a recording studio in an unused church and is currently at work there on his first full length album "Imposter" (2024).  

He is releasing the second single from the album on 11/3. "Strange Light" is a cover of his friend Michael Stauffer's (My Beautiful Wife) unreleased demo.  "Strange Light" was recorded, produced & performed at The Church in Kensington, Philadelphia by Thomas Johnsen.

The release will also include "Esteban" the first single from the album released on 9/15.

Drum Performance - Shane Woods

Additional Vocal - Deirdre French

Mixed by Jorge Elbrecht

Mastered by Ryan Schwabb




Thomas Johnsen
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